My Fervent Prayer 4 – Fortifying the Lives of Those I Love


Father, I pray that You perfect Your love inside of me that I might reflect You in Your fullness to those around me. Teach me to be kind to others and not jealous. Father, put a guard before my mouth that I might not brag about anything except Your love, grace, and mercy. Make me humble, Lord and keep me from any arrogance.

Father, teach me to behave in such a way that I reflect Your work in my heart. Take away all unselfishness from me and keep me firmly fixed on Your desires for my life. Help me to exhibit emotional and physical self control. Help keep me from being provoked and keep me from counting the wrongs of others. Allow me to walk in constant forgiveness and purge me of all bitterness.

Lord, help me to see unrighteousness as You do. Open my mouth to rejoice in Truth. Help me to bear all that You allow me to face, believe in Your Word, and abide in Your ways. No matter how difficult life might become at times, allow me to stand firmly on my belief in You, to be hopeful in Your promises, and to endure through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Teach me how to love my husband and my children in a way that is pleasing to You. Show me how to be sensible and pure and how to manage my home with kindness and gentleness, as I submit to my husband and his leadership of our family. I thank You, Lord, that You are perfecting Your work in Daniel, and that he will be won not by my words but by my behavior as I obey Your Word and allow It to transform my life. I thank You that You are making me a wife who Daniel can trust, and he will not lack any good thing because You supply all of his needs.

Father, help me to commit all of my works to You. Establish Your plan in my life. Make me pleasing in Your sight and cause even my enemies to be at peace with me. Let wisdom watch over me. Give me understanding and discernment. Teach me to cherish and embrace Your Word.

Keep my eyes looking directly ahead and not on the past. Fix my eyes straight in front of the path You have set before me and let my gaze be only upon Your will. Let Your Holy Spirit keep my feet upon Your path and establish all my goings.

Rescue me from all destruction; keep my lips from flattering words. Break every spirit of fear from off my life and teach me how to stand in confidence of Your protection. Keep my foot from all snares of the enemy. Shine Your light upon every area of my heart that is not completely trusting in You. Help me now to lean upon my own understanding, but teach me to acknowledge You in all my ways as You straighten my path.

Teach me to raise my children in fear of You – for You are their Refuge and Strong Tower. Let my family be a sign of Your salvation and goodness. Wake me up early in the mornings to pray for and with my children, so that they may grow in their confidence of Your presence in their lives. Let them not forget Your works and give them the discipline to obey Your commands. Free them from past generational sins. Redeem them from this generation of rebelliousness and stubbornness. Give them obedient hearts and minds that are sensitive to Your direction and correction. Lord, make my children loyal and faithful to You. Let me not take pride in their earthly accomplishments, but to take great joy as they walk in Your Truth.

Let no unwholesome word proceed from my mouth, but only let me speak words which are edifying and according to the need of the season you have placed me in, so that they may give grace to all who hear them. Let my words be merciful and full of grace, as though seasoned with salt. Teach me how to respond to each person I encounter as You would.

Lord, as the end draws near, give me sound judgment and a sober spirit. Prick and move me to stay in constant prayer and give me a fervent love for others because love covers a multitude of sins. Give me a hospitable personality and keep me from all complaining. Help me to pursue peace and teach me how to build up others. Teach me how to give mercy and forgiveness instead of giving evil to those who do evil to me or speak insults to me. Allow me to instead speak blessings upon them because You have called me to do this, so I can inherit all Your blessings. Amen


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