Exceeding and Abundant


“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us.” Ephesians 3:20

I can identify more times in my life than I care to recall, where I failed to activate the knowledge of this Scripture…where I failed to take the Scripture farther than a belief and actually practiced it. I wonder what would have happened had Andrew forgotten Jehovah Jireh’s abilities that day when Jesus fed the crowd of 5,000 with just two fish and a few loaves of bread? How sad it would have been to find this awesome miracle unwritten in Scripture because God’s chosen – didn’t choose to believe in Him who IS able to do exceedingly – abundantly – above all they could ever imagine!

Yet, I find many times throughout my personal life where I was spiritually hungry, and I didn’t allow God to miraculously provide for me a meal that would not only have sustained me, but also provided a personal imprint and testimony to all the starving people around me at the time. What if Andrew would have turned his back on the 5,000 and just focused on the hunger and the lack of food? What if the boy would have been unwilling to offer up his small sacrifice because he chose to believe there was just no way that it would ever feed the multitude he saw with his physical eyes? What would I have done with my two fish and three loaves of bread had God asked me to feed the 5,000?

In some ways, He is asking me to do just that, on a day to day basis. He is asking me to allow my life to be broken and spilled out before Him on a continual basis, so that He may pour me out as a blessing to the spiritually dying all around me. Instead, I focus on the brokenness and lack – I forget, He likes both – because it gives Him the opportunity to be Jehovah Jireh in our lives. Paul said in Ephesians 3:20 that there is a power that works within us. As a Believer, that power should be the Almighty’s anointing. His anointing provides for us in a way that only Abba Father cares enough to provide for His elect Children. For those that call Him “FATHER,” now only with their words, but by their obedience to His Word, He performs miracles that go exceedingly over and above what we could have ever gotten by our own merits and self-sufficiency.

How much is exceedingly abundantly? Well, it’s more – more than – more than I can ask; more than I can imagine! When I consider the truth and the promise of This Scripture, IT makes me feel downright silly for ever taking any of life’s concerns into my own hands…not when I have Abba Father always on standby – ready, willing, and able to do over and above all I could ever ask!


I don’t know why I get all riled up

when worries cause my heart to sink –

because I have a Heavenly Dad –

able to do more than my heart could think.


When life throws curve balls, and I find myself

short-sighted and in trouble,

it still really isn’t all that difficult

for Daddy to make sense of all the rubble.


When a situation I can’t seem to handle

within my life arises,

I just remember that Father God

disguises presents in all sizes.


There are situations that arise in life

that may look hopeless and sad –

these are just times for Abba to show off

that He is the Awesome Dad!


He is able to do exceedingly abundantly

more than my mind could ever think –

heck just look how He spoke the whole world into

existence in just one week!


How can I worry about

all these situations that I face

when My Daddy is the Almighty

Creator of the human race?


He is able to cease the wind

with only one gentle word;

to think I worried it would destroy my sail

was foolish and absurd!


How much is exceeding?

How far can His abundance go?

Can it reach high like His favor,

or when in need of grace kneel low?


Can it stretch across all life’s issues

and cover any condition?

Can it really meet all my needs,

even the ones I haven’t mentioned?


Yes, HIS exceeding abundance is more

than adequate to say the least,

when we are Children of The Father,

His love and mercy never cease!


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