Perfect Peace


“You will keep him in perfect peace – whose mind is set on You, because he trusts in You. “ Isaiah 26:3


            In a typical day, a million things cram my mind. Not a dark corner goes uncluttered by the time my feet hit the floor…my needs, Daniel, the kids, the menu for the day, friends, choices, responsibilities…God??? Unfortunately, too many times, in that order.

            But the days I choose to begin in You, Abba, those days where before my feet hit the floor- I find myself already meditating on who You are, the plans You have for my life, the changes You want and are more than able to make in me and through me…these are the days I find my peace. Not that this comes easy, or tarries without temptation or want.

            No, before I know it – the phone rings – wrong person, wrong time, wrong circumstances – maybe just a wrong word in the middle of the conversation – and before I know it, my mind is no longer fixed on who You are, but on who I am – who I really am – but hate to be when tooth hits nail sometimes. But then, I am reminded…

            You keep me in peace because I set my focus on You! I trust You as Abba Father; therefore, I know that You take care of everything that concerns me. Even the hardship that I endure for the moment is allowed as an opportunity for me to become more like Your Son. Yes, God, You are my perfect peace!


You will keep me, God, in the middle of the circumstances of life –

            Your peace will rest upon me, God – no matter the hardship or strife.


When my mind becomes anchored on Your unchanging Word –

            not an action that takes place, or a voice that can be heard –

            change the awesome plans You have for me –

            because You, O God, my heart is fixed on Thee.


Trials in this life come a dozen a day,

            sometimes even more – no one can really say –

            because each person’s experiences leave a different impact –

            but I know You’re still the answer,

            and this is definitely a fact!


When I choose to submit all my worries and my doubts –

            to the authority of Your Word – rather than live with my head up in the clouds –

I hit my knees first; plead the blood of Your Son constantly,

            than I know that Your eyes will be steadily fixed upon me.


Because I trust in You, My God, My Fortress, My Deliverer, My Strength –

            my mind can be at perfect peace and my body will not faint.

Because You purposed my life – beginning to the end –

            before my heartbeat started or even before my mother would say my life began –


Each day is fashioned in Your hands; each breath I breathe is Yours;

O my heart is fixed upon You, O God, my peace alone in you, who I adore.







2 thoughts on “Perfect Peace

  1. Joyelle, this is so beautiful and meaningful to me, love the picture too. Your inspiring me to get back to my gifting of writing again. Thank you for all you share. You are blessing my Soul. God bless you!


    • Victoria, you don’t realize how timely your encouragement is for me tonight. The enemy tries to convince me that my writing is a waste of time and that know one really reads it- that it doesn’t help anyone. Just tonight while I was in prayer God told me to stop questioning my gifts and just continue to use them and be sensitive to His Spirit. Your messages confirmed that for me. I cannot thank you enough for being sensitive to His Spirit and using your gift of encouragement. We are sisters in Christ. Please pray for me as God has recently asked me to let Him peel away another layer of habit that has been with me since I was a young child- the addiction I have had to tobacco. I know that if God delivered me from all of the other addictions that He has delivered me from- He can do this too. It was almost a year ago today that He took the marijuana – right before my 40th birthday. Saturday is my 41st birthday, and I feel He is asking for the tobacco too. I need my sisters in Christ to hold me up in prayer as I walk this out in obedience and trust Him to help me in my weakness. Please keep me in your prayers; I cannot do this without His supernatural help! Although I don’t know you personally – I love you…and I am asking that you pray for me. Write my sister…as Habbakuk says- write the vision on the wall and make it clear! He will use your hands as you obey Him. 😘


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