Marriage – Threshed and Winnowed as the Wheat


Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. John 12:24


Some compare marriage to a garden with flowers abounding. But compare it to wheat – the similarities – astounding!

Instead of the spring time when most flowers arrive, the wheat is planted during fall and through winter will thrive.


When everything is bare, and all you can see is but death – just like the wheat – the secret of marriage is kept.

The times where one completely chooses dying to self -choosing brokeness and humility when hard times are dealt.


Just like the wheat, marriage acquries it’s strength, through endurance and patience when the plant becomes faint.

It takes weeding and pruning – sometimes even starting anew. It gets food from the dirt and is quenched by the dew.

Like marriage where two grow better as one – more from the heartache and storms than the fun.

It thrives more when times produce a great thirst – that lead to prayer and seeking God first.

And just like the wheat  – which thrives in the dampest of weather;  good marriages grow during the storms where it’s tethered.


And where a wheat bushel produces over one million seeds – the act of a marriage meets generations of needs

where kids learn that love takes effort and work – and how to pull the wheat up from the ground and the dirt.

Where we learn, like the wheat – when ready the seeds must dry out – good marriages spring up in great times of drought.


And still once harvested – the wheat is threshed on the floor – good marriages grow when they’re beaten all the more.

The times, where like wheat  is winnowed to remove all the dust – God uses our marriages to complete and sanctify us.


A Godly marriage doesn’t grow over night – just like the wheat it takes many seasons to reach full stature and height.

It’s well worth the effort – and produces much yield – for more than one family can eat from its field.


I thank God for your marriage and the witness it bears – when we hold fast to God’s promise as He removes all the tares.

Your marriage is proof of the amazing work  God can do, when we learn to be crucified and allow God to make one out of two.


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