My Book Study of Fervent

spiritual warfare

Learning to Recognize the enemy

Day 2 – Request for Discernment on How to Appropriately Apply the Weapons of My Warfare and Pray Effectively Even When I Don’t Feel Like It 

Father, I don’t think it was by chance today that You spoke Ephesians 6 to my heart, and then led me to memorize Psalm 26. I am wanting to grow as a strong and faithful warrior for You in my prayer life, and I recognize that the dark issues in my heart can quench Your ability to operate in my life if I don’t submit them to You. My memory verses today are Psalms 26:1-3 – “Judge me, Oh Lord, for I have walked in my integrity. I have also trusted in the Lord; therefore, I shall not slide. Examine me, Oh Lord, and prove me. Try my reins and my heart. For Your lovingkindess is always before mine eyes, and I have walked in the truth.” I realize that the events that occur in my day-to-day life are opportunities to allow You to show me what is really inside of my heart. I also recognize that, too often, I fail to engage the weapons You have provided and to protect my heart and mind with Your Word. I cannot teach my children how to do what I have failed to learn myself. I need Your help. I struggle with jealousy, unforgiveness, and control – especially when dealing with my parents, my siblings, and situations within my home. I believe that the root of my problem is fear and trust. I fear things will not go the way I want them to, and I fail to actively trust You to work out the situations – but instead, try to control them myself. I often compare myself to other people, and this often leaves me feeling less than who You say I am. I know that who I am is only as important as recognizing the truth and submitting myself to Your authority in my life in areas where my thoughts and my heart are not lined up with the Word of God. I am asking You to empower me with supernatural strength and desire to fight the way You have called me to fight. I recognize I cannot do this in my own strength. I am utterly hopeless on my own. But You said that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness (II Cor. 12:9). Father, I choose to praise You in the middle of my weakness because I know that You are truly where my strength resides (II Cor. 12:10). Father, help me not compare myself to anything except Your Word and help me not be proud or boastful in my attempts to trust You. I fail miserably when I do. Thank You for equipping me with powerful weapons. Help me keep my head in the right game and keep my focus on You when the enemy comes to distract me. My faith is only as strong as I am willing to fight, and I thank You for giving me weapons, which are strong and mighty – able to pull down every stronghold in my life. My carnal attempts at fighting will fail every time, but Your Word will never fail. I bring my feelings and thoughts under the authority of Your Word (II Cor. 10:4-5). Lord, I am in a spiritual fight; help me fight this in the spiritual realm, where You have already won the victory…it is my job to walk it out. I thank You that my human weaknesses and failures will not cause You to stop loving me – nor can the enemy snatch me out of Your arms (Rom. 8:38-39). Help me to understand this the minute I realize I have failed You, so that I will not waste my time bathing in self pity. I know that Jesus Christ is Lord of my life, and at His Name, even my feelings and thoughts must submit (Phil. 2:9-11). I praise You, God, for bringing me this far. You rescued me from the bondage of addiction, self destruction, depression, and self pity. When the enemy was trying to get me to destroy myself, You snatched me from his grip and rescued me (Ps. 30:1, Ps. 40). Although, I feel like I screw up a million times a day, I refuse to give up or to relinquish my identity in You and Your promises in my life. Though I dwell in this dust-made vessel, You give me life (Micah 7:8). I know that You will rescue me every time, and I acknowledge that I am engaged in a spiritual war that You will help me win as I learn to rely on You for help. Lead me in Your direction and keep me off the path of familiarity of trusting in myself. Help me to discern when I am being tempted and trust in You to deliver me from my situation. Deliver me from the enemy’s plan and give me the mentality that lines up with Your kingdom (Matt. 6:13). You are always faithful, and You will not fail to strengthen me, to equip me, or to protect me from the enemy (II Thess. 3:3). You have made an open shew of the enemy, as You triumphed over him once and for all through the efforts and successes of Your Son, Jesus Christ (Col. 2:15). Everything I will ever face is already under the feet of Jesus Christ. Help me to recognize that the enemy’s plan for my life has already been overruled because Jesus is the head authority of my life (Eph. 1:20-22). You have destroyed the enemy in the context of the spiritual realm; help me to fight what I feel in the physical realm and to engage in an already won battle in the spiritual arena of my life where Jesus Christ has already guaranteed my victory at the cross (Heb. 2:14). Thank You for destroying the works of the enemy. Thank You for allowing me to be born of a spiritual birth. Help me to die to my physical self, so that You can be manifested in my life (I John 3:9-10).




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