The Only Present That Matters Wasn’t Found Under a Tree

In light of the season being celebrated, I thought it appropriate to magnify the only present worthy of being magnified: Jesus Christ. I hope my blog today will leave you encouraged…
“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of GOD; not as a result of works that no one should boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9
We live in a very competitive world. We are used to tuning in to the game to see the winning score; asking our kids why their grades are slipping on their report cards; comparing the bottom figures on our paychecks, and revving our engines at the stoplight to prove we have the fastest cars. We are conditioned to win, and when we can’t – most of us are programmed to quit.
One problem with always seeking first place is that there can only be one at the top. So, what does that mean about everybody else? The other problem that can arise with first place is that you really never know who is doing the judging. What are the actual standards that define first places? Does first place really mean anything to GOD? Many of us have not been fortunate enough to ever appreciate blue ribbons and trophies. So, where does that place us when it comes to value?
I’ve spent a fair share of my life trying to earn so many things and never found the satisfaction I expected or the respect I thought I deserved. I certainly haven’t won a lot of awards or ribbons throughout my life. I am thankful that salvation is not determined by our resumes, grade point averages, or trophy cabinets. GOD knew that there would be no recognition worthy enough to receive salvation as its reward, so HE sent HIS SON as THE ULTIMATE GIFT. One sacrifice, one death, one resurrection – this alone would become the basis for life’s most precious reward – not determined by merit – but a free gift to all those that have faith in JESUS CHRIST.
I have earned a lot of things from working hard –
like merits, plaques, and raises –
but none of these earned GOD’S reward,
or brought any of HIS praises.
I have found myself worthy
and thought I had paid the cost –
but no amount I could have given,
would have redeemed the lost.
I might have earned a lot of things,
might have gained some recognition –
but nothing in life can earn HIS love,
not even good decisions.
When it comes to redemption,
I can never be good enough for it to earn –
there’s no righteous deed that’s good enough,
for it, HIS face to turn.
The only thing GOD understands
is HIS redeeming grace,
and being accused of being HIS
when we look upon HIS face.
For when it comes down to salvation,
nothing I can do will ever earn HIS love.
To earn the gift of HIS salvation –
no work could ever be enough.

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