A Father Who Takes Care of His Own


“Why even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.” Luke 12:7


            I can look back over the last five years of my life and recall numerous times where I found my faith being tested when it came to God’s providence. To elaborate on the details about each instance would take another book; the specifics really aren’t important anyway. What is important is that God has always taken care of me. Situations have arisen in my life that were beyond hopeless, but God always comes on the scene with fresh hope. I can’t say He hasn’t allowed me to reach the edge – but I think that is how God likes to do things. When situations look as if they are beyond redemption, it allows God to show off exactly how powerful He is.

I guess it’s hard to trust God like this if we don’t take every Word of Scripture as the Absolute Truth…but I do. I’m silly enough to believe that God has actually been keeping up with every single hair that falls off of my head to the ground, and that He will rain manna from Heaven to feed my family in the middle of a famine. I serve an omnipotent, all-powerful Father. He cares so much about my life that He left a record of countless situations that were beyond redemption, and He used people who were silly enough to have that same faith to show the entire world how truly awesome He really is.

I am so thankful for each situation where God has allowed me to walk close to the edge of hopelessness – it has only provided me all the evidence I will ever need to prove that there is nothing in my life that is too difficult for Him to handle or so far gone that He can’t turn it around. The same God who takes care of His creation has proven that He is more than able to take care of me too!

How can I be worried or let my heart feel dread,

when God cares so much for me, He’s counted even the very hairs upon my head?

I admit it’s difficult to imagine if you’re anything like me –

how God can keep a count of every hair, even the ones we cannot see!


But His Word promises us that He has them all each numbered –

this same God cares so much for me, He never sleeps or slumbers.

How can I be anxious or ever begin to doubt –

if God takes care of all the birds, would He let me do without?


Can you find a sparrow that’s anxious about where he’ll build his nest?

For heavens, no, God cares so much – He even gives the sparrow rest!

God’s Word has promised us – in fact it guarantees –

that since God cares about the sparrow, then He obviously cares so much more for me!


How can I ever put any thought or concern into the problems that I face?

If God cares so much for creation – how much more does He care about the human race?










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