Strength to the Weary

An older blog I had written – posting in hopes that it will encourage someone today:
“Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Everlasting God, The Lord, The Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might, He increases strength.” Isaiah 40:28-29
I can’t read this verse of Isaiah without starting at the very beginning of the chapter, for it is one of the very first chapters of Scripture I can remember falling in love with. As a young teen, I can remember Isaiah 40:31 being my father’s favorite Scripture. As a high school track athlete, it is one of the verses I recall singing as I would make the last lap of a race. It is a wonderful “get you through life when you’re at the end of your ropes but you’re still bear the finish line” kind of verses like Philippians, I press forward…”
But at 37 years old, I’ve grown to appreciate the entire chapter of Isaiah 40 because it describes The Mighty Creator of the universe who gives strength to little people like me. Specifically, today, July 9, 2012, it makes all of my other problems that I have allowed the enemy to magnify in my life, look so minute when I consider Who my Savior really IS. We habitually live in a frustrated, confused, and defeated condition simply because we haven’t let Isaiah 40 be anchored to our hearts, minds, and disposition.
I have seen God; I have seen Him save me from the snatches of a dog; I have seen Him breathe breath in me when I couldn’t for myself; I have seen Him close the mouth of the enemy I was headed for his fangs; I have seen Him give me the desire of my heart when the doctors said never; I have seen Him sway the car when it almost hit; I have seen Him lead me out of the pits of hell and set my feet on The Rock; I’ve seen Him – over and over again…but, even if I’ve never seen all of that – I can open my eyes and see evidence of Him everywhere else.
I have heard God. I’ve heard His voice saying “don’t,” when I’m tempted. I have heard His voice remind me of His Word when I was alone. I’ve heard His correction. I’ve heard….and even if I’ve never heard all of that – I can open my ears and hear evidence of Him everywhere else…
Yes, This God is My Daddy!
I found myself reaching and grasping,
I had reached the end of my rope –
God was asking me to look up
but instead I had chosen to mope.
The enemy has been having a field day,
causing me so much heartache, turmoil, and strife –
instead of meditating on God’s promises
I found myself worrying all through the night.
My problems are heavy; my burdens are great,
don’t know how much more I can bare.
I feel my spirit is beginning to break.
Sometimes I wonder if God is still there.
When, all of a sudden, just like a dam breaks,
my emotional walls start caving within.
Now, my heart is broken in two,
giving God’s Spirit a chance to walk in.
How could I forget the promises made
when my Savior, He died on the tree?
My God in His wisdom knew this it would take –
His Son to rescue and strengthen me.
The Creator knew everything I’d ever need
before He spoke my life into being.
He knew every instance which from I would need rescuing,
without, ever one seeing.
He was waiting for the moment I’d realize
I wasn’t equipped to make it alone,
but to depend on the wisdom and strength of the Almighty Creator
and His Son who sits on the throne.
When my Spirit man is weary,
and I feel my heart start to faint –
rather than quit,
I’ll call on God for His strength.
I’ll depend on the Creator
instead of myself –
trusting in Him
with every problem I’m dealt.
His wisdom’s unsearchable –
His knowledge – can’t be contained….
choosing to trust in myself – rather than Him –
it’s insane!
When He’s already written every day in His book,
when He already knows how the story ends –
I cannot go wrong when I chose not to trust in myself –
but instead, rely totally on Him!

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