You Can’t Win the Lost Without the Agape Love of Jesus Christ


“Love is more important than anything else. It is what ties everything completely together.” Colossians 3:14

I would like to consider myself a person that doesn’t fail at many things, but after taking inventory of my life, I realized that I have failed many times when it came to loving people as GOD expected me to. The older I get, the more I come to realize that agape love is easier received than given. I find it easy to give away almost anything, but unconditional love to someone who doesn’t give a rip about me? That is something totally different!

A few years ago, I was at the peak of what I considered to be Christian service and leadership. I found myself surrounded by a lot of people who recognized me for my spiritual gifts and applauded me as I felt I deserved. I had a lot of friends, and I was seen as a fairly loving person – until I got my feelings hurt. Over and over again, I would encounter situations where GOD would ask me to do nothing more than just love completely, and I couldn’t because of some injustice I felt had been done to me. Love was easily given when earned, but it was scarce to find when I was hurt. Usually, I found myself dependent instead, during these times, on my spiritual gifts – hoping that what I could do for people would make up for the love I was unable to express to them the way GOD was asking me to at the time. At that point in my life, I hadn’t realized that my gifts were not earning brownie points with MY SAVIOUR. I thought I was fooling HIM too. I honestly believed that serving to serve was enough – despite how I really felt about people within the corridors of my heart. Needless to say, not many of those relationships survived.

Sitting in my apartment every day now, especially on those days where I am lonely and wish to share my heart with someone – I realize that my gifts got me nowhere. Those people needed to be shown the agape love of GOD – not what I could do. Now, able to appreciate and understand Colossians 3:14, I am unable to get depressed or loathe myself – for I have realized that I cannot give away something I haven’t fully grasped for myself. GOD has a way of shaking our lives sometimes – to put us in a place where the world remains safe from us and we remain safe from it. I am learning that I am indeed spiritually gifted, but I cannot be a gift without fully understanding agape love. Whereas what I can “do” for someone only makes a temporary change in their lives – showing them real agape love is more important than anything else. It makes an eternal imprint and holds everything else together!

How can I go around calling myself the child of THE KING

when I go around hating people and complaining about everything?

How can I claim to be walking anything like Christ

when I can’t stand my neighbors’ children, and I’m always causing strife?

How can I get down upon my knees and for HIS face then seek

when I’m fighting with my enemies instead of spreading GOD’S peace?

How can a church be full on every corner of the street,

yet ignore or abuse everyone we meet?

How can we even begin to claim we are acting like THE SON

when we go around like a monster getting mad at everyone?

We can boast about being Christians all day and every night,

but if we don’t learn how to walk in love, we’ll never get it right.

More important than anything we can ever say or do

is spreading GOD’S true love just like HE did for you.

Without THE SAVIOUR’S love, everything GOD did would just be in vain –

for GOD is all about HIS love; it is HIS very name.

Don’t call yourself a Christian if you’re not willing to pay the cost

of loving those who don’t deserve it – to see HIM save the lost.

There’s nothing more important than sharing love THE FATHER has;

it’s what ties it all together and keeps THE FATHER glad.


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