The Sacrifice of a Contrite Heart

For the Glory of My King Jesus


The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit – a broken and contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.” Psalms 51:17

How ashamed King David must have felt once he had realized the magnitude of the sin he had committed with Bathsheba. He was a man after GOD’S very heart; yet, he had hands guilty for adultery and innocent bloodshed. There are countless examples of episodes of corruption, human nature, and sin throughout David’s life – from the shepherd boy who slayed Goliath and on throughout his reign as king. However, in Psalms 51, David releases a prayer of repentance, and within verse 17, the reader can find one of the most intimate passages that reveal a pathway to GOD’s heart. To know that this Psalm was written before the birth of CHRIST – before the plan of salvation based on THE ONE TRUE SACRIFCE – makes IT…

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