“HE will cover you with HIS feathers, under

HE will cover you with HIS feathers, under HIS wings you will find refuge. HIS faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” Psalms 91:4

 I remember like it was yesterday, the first time I encountered this VERSE…I was in tenth grade and on my way to play in my first and only powder puff football game. I was beyond afraid, and my stomach did cartwheels as my father got closer to the stadium. The week previous had been spent practicing every afternoon once I was finished with school.Practices were always dreaded – since the very first practice, after I found myself lying on the ground, face-up, with one of the biggest bullies in school drooling over me. There were at least a half-dozen girls on the opposing team, who had despised me and had made torturing me their long-term high school objective. Each practice the week before, I found myself scooting further down the scrimmage line, hoping to come across a more friendly opponent. At the end of each practice, there was always one faithful bully awaiting me in the parking lot to taunt me about my upcoming fate on game night.

I remember trying to stuff down last minute homemade toilet paper pillows in my pants, my undergarments…hoping each piece would provide some sort of cushion on the football field. My father sensed my fear and recited Psalms 91:4. “Joyelle, GOD says HE will cover you with HIS feathers and HIS wings will be your refuge…”

I can’t remember anything else that he had said. All at once, my spirit grabbed on to that VERSE with everything it had. I repeated it over and over as we approached the football field. I can’t recall anything else about that night. I know I didn’t suffer from any bruises or broken bones. The only thing that really sticks out about that night is the overwhelming encouragement I found in Psalms 91:4. I have gone on for more than twenty-five years, meditating upon that VERSE when I become anxious or worried. After thirty-seven years of living in and out of the storms of life, I have come to depend on HIS wings to protect me and HIS faithfulness to keep me.

Affliction in life is certain for sure;

the winds of this life will blow.

They’ll try to destroy every evidence of faithfulness

and make us doubt everything that we know.

The enemy will send tornadoes our way,

hoping to mar us with the rain.

When the wind can’t destroy us, and he feels he might fail,

he resorts to his torment and pain.

His job is to try and make the Believer

doubt GOD because of bad weather,

instead of him finding out that GOD’S already protected him

under the shelter of HIS feathers.

When trust is in GOD, there is no reason to fear.

There is nothing the enemy can do.

For GOD’S wings are protecting us wherever we go,

whatever storms we may go through.

HIS faithfulness will shield us from the enemy’s arrows –

the Believer who trusts GOD with all of his heart.

HE will protect us from all the enemy’s wiles



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