Taking A Load Off…


“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest…for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28


            “Come to me…” How often am I guilty of going to everything else before approaching God’s throne first? Typically, I find myself trying to work situations out in my own strength, finding solutions to my problems in my own wisdom, and seeking solace in everything else but the arms of The Almighty God – who is the only One who can truly provide rest for my soul and give my body relief from its burdens. I’d like to think that I apply this Scripture better to my spiritual life today than I did ten years ago; nevertheless, I often find myself anxious and burdened without quickly relinquishing it to God at the very onset of the problem. I wonder how often I actually make my situation worse in my intent to help things….I wonder how much more complicated I am really making things each time I foolishly take matters into my own hands first – only later to give the leftovers and the consequences to God – hoping He can remedy the situation….

            Jesus conquered death so we could conquer life. We were not made to deal with life by our own merits and abilities. Trying only increases our burdens and prolongs our rest.


 I’ve just been with an attack –

that is bigger than my heart knows how to bear.

I’m having trouble catching my breath,

feeling punched in the gut – I need a chair


to sit in God’s presence and relinquish all the hurt,

from the enemy’s lies and all of his nasty dirt


he keeps spreading on me –

trying to make me look like a foolish clown.

When all else he has tried has failed,

causing my heart to feel all down.


But this time it will be different because now I have learned

that these are the times when my Saviour does yearn


for me to unload all the hurt and all the strife –

leaving it in His hands so He can change my life.


God did not mean for me to try

and carry the weight all by myself.

He is perfectly able to play the cards

the enemy has dealt.


He’s promised to pilot this plane – give me the rest –

if I will only trust in Him, putting His strength to the test.


His yoke is easier that the one I have chosen to bear –

instead of holding on to it now –

I understand that is why He’s there!




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