He Satisfies Me


“Satisfy us in the morning with Your unfailing love that we may sing for joy and be glad all of our days.” Psalms 90:14

            If you have ever tasted pure, ice-cold, natural spring water – you would agree – there is nothing that can ever compare to it nor begin to quench your thirst as it can. It ruins one who later finds themselves instead returning to the recycled tap or artificial stuff bought in a plastic bottle. Makes you kind of wish you had never tasted the good stuff to begin with!

GOD’S LOVE is refreshing like that natural spring water, but where the water runs dry – GOD’S LOVE never does. And once tasted, IT leaves such an enormous imprint on the spiritual taste-buds of your soul, leaving you forever changed, never able to forget THE EXPERIENCE. When we have allowed ourselves to become dependent on GOD first thing in our day, our day has a natural way of filtering out the rest of the junk because of GOD’S PRESENCE. Our body was made with a GOD-SHAPED pitcher that is meant to rely on GOD and GOD ALONE to fill it. It is the absolute thing our spiritual bodies need more than our natural bodies need water. We were designed to live on the constant flow of GOD’S LOVE.

Too often, I find myself starting my day drinking on my anxieties, my hobbies, my children, the news – before I know it, the temporary satisfaction and happiness have worn off. The very person who was getting a thrill from all of it – is now instead, frustrated, with an emptiness that resulted from giving out of my lack, rather than my overflow. The days that are notably different begin with an awesome sense and understanding of WHO MY FATHER IS – from the very second my feet hit the floor – and allowing HIM to constantly refill my need for HIM throughout the day for HIM and HIM ALONE.

My head lifts from the pillow,

and my feet hit the floor.

I can barely open up my eyes,

and I almost hit the door.

My attitude has been at rest all throughout the night;

My spirit man’s still tired from yesterday’s long fight.

My emotions are still awakening,

leaving me yet a little numb.

My words are just awaiting to fall off

the very tip of my tongue.

All of my physical senses

have not reached their full alert –

I’m tired, burdened,

and my heart is still a little hurt

from all the things that piled up on me

while my mind was somewhere else –

for taking care of everyone

but only neglecting myself.

But, today, something’s different; although, my body feels the same.

There is this joy and gladness in my heart that it cannot contain.

I’m practically overflowing from the gladness and love within my heart.

I have been delighting in the Lord, and HE has done HIS part.

My heart is still on full, though –

everything else feels bare.

When my heart is completely emptied –

I know that ABBA IS still there.

It’s when I’m broken and spilled out that HIS love begins to shine,

changing everything around it – even lives like mine!

HE satisfies my every longing from the greatest to the least;

there is not a need that cannot be met by falling on my knees.

I cannot help but to be glad; I’m a Child of THE KING.

My heart overflows with joy, and my lips can’t help but sing

of all the mighty wonders MY ABBA has orchestrated.

No, HE IS still THE KING OF KINGS, and miracles are not out-dated.

Every day HE reaches down –

begins a fresh new miracle within my heart,

so I can be satisfied even the next day too –

before it even starts.

Circumstances change.

Feelings and people do too,


doesn’t change, only alters you.

I can’t help but sing of the great love MY ABBA has for me;

HE just keeps satisfying all my desires when I am fixed on HE!


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