God’s Perfect Timing


To everything there is a season and a purpose under Heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Something to know about me – I love the change of seasons, and most of the time, they don’t change quickly enough for me. No sooner than summer days become piping hot, I find myself wishing for the leaves of fall. Before I’ve even had the opportunity to enjoy autumn’s array of colors as much as I’d hoped, the trees become naked and winter sets in. Excited for a moment, enjoying hot chocolates and small bonfires, winter finds me too crisp, and I find myself daydreaming about rainbow-colored carpets decorating the neighbors’ lawns and sounds of newborn birds – awaiting to learn how to fly during the spring. I just can’t get too comfortable with any particular season – each has its pros and cons. There are things I love about each, and things I can’t wait to leave behind as each season passes.

What is particularly interesting to me about any of these seasons is that you would never know they have changed when walking down the produce aisle at the local grocery stores. Whether summer or winter, you will find the same exact stuff – ripe, abundant, inexpensive. This was not odd to me until I became mature enough to understand geographical regions, genetically modified food, and the perfect seasons for certain produce. Now, I understand that I might should question juicy watermelons and tomatoes in the middle of December. It’s completely unnatural; they grow during the summer!

So it goes with the seasons of my life. I am beginning to understand that life – “happy all the time” – means I might not be in the center of GOD’S will for my life at that time and season. I’ve started to “check out the produce” when I find myself in one emotional season for too long of a time…especially the ones that are fun and easy – because I’ve come to understand how GOD uses the changing of seasons in my life to bring about HIS plans. Letting me stay in one place for too long would allow me to become rotten and unfit for consumption. In order for me to have a complete understanding of who MY FATHER is, HE allows me to walk through some pretty seemingly tumultuous seasons in my day to day life. How could I understand HIM as JEHOVAH JIREH, MY PROVIDER, if I’ve always had plenty and never experienced a season of drought and famine? How could I know HIM as JEHOVAH RAPHA, MY HEALER, if I’ve never been through a season of sickness and thought I was knocking at death’s door? How could I know HIM as SHALOM, MY PEACE, if I’ve never been through the storms of distress and tragedy?

GOD is not as interested in my temporary carnal happiness than HE is my eternal salvation and sanctification. HE uses the circumstances of life to rotate the produce in my life – allowing me to be most effective to HIS kingdom. Unlike the local grocery stores’ eerie plunder of the same consistent choices throughout the year, GOD does delight in HIS children being a garden of variety and relevance to the different people HE places throughout our lives. HE desires us to be fruitful; fruit only comes through the cycle of seasons. Oftentimes, I find myself swimming against the flow. For instance, when I’m supposed to be in the season for patience, I often decide it’s too hard to wait, so I make things happen “now.” OR maybe I’m supposed to be in the season of being still and quiet before GOD, but instead I try to force friendships, and constantly run my mouth.

My heart truly desires to be in the center of GOD’S perfect will. I really want HIM to develop fruit in my life throughout the spiritual seasons HE both allows and sometimes produces. This world is already starving enough – it doesn’t need another piece of genetically modified vegetation. I want to be the real thing!

FATHER, Ecclesiastes 1:2 says, “to everything there is a season and a purpose under Heaven.” The next time I find myself in a particular season that I might not like or think I can bare, let me remember the fruit YOU are trying to grow in my life. Let me choose to endure whatever season may come and worship YOU in its midst because I know that YOU have a purpose.


 Too much, too soon, too fast;

don’t bring that up – it’s from the past.

Not now, maybe later, we can’t do that yet.

Don’t bring that topic up – I’m trying to forget.

Let’s put it off till another day;

that’s not the right direction – find another way.

Not her, not him;

it’s not a good idea to try and be friends with them.

Wrong time, wrong place, definitely wrong season.

Wish I could really have this now, but I can’t find a reason.

We are all too familiar with the words of hesitation.

When being told “no” to what we desire – we feel a ton of aggravation.

We like things now; we want them just our way.

Can’t stand to be told to “come back some other day.”

Now” is the answer to when we want things done.

We don’t like to be told to wait because waiting is no fun.

We have been conditioned to show up early at the gate –

to get our season tickets, we certainly can’t be late!

We treat this life like Burger King –

wanting things just the way we like them and right now.

We don’t know a thing about being patient –

don’t ask us; we don’t know how.

 This makes it very difficult

for GOD to have HIS way;

it makes it hard for HIM to do

HIS will throughout the day.

If we always set

on making our own plans –

trying to have things when we want them –

failing to understand

that sometimes the “no”

is really not about rejection;

YOU’RE telling me “not right now,”

and it’s for my own protection.

There is a perfect timing,

in which YOU do everything –

a time to laugh; a time to cry;

a time to dance and sing.

For everything there is a purpose;

there is a perfect timing –

if only I would just trust YOU

and stop all my foolish whining.

For what would this planet look like

if it were all sunshine and no rain?

How would I understand what joy felt like

if I never had felt pain?

What if there was all summer and never any snow?

Tell me how could I appreciate it all – if I did not know?

Next time, when I find myself, in my least favorite of a season –

I will remember that even with this – GOD still has a reason!


3 thoughts on “God’s Perfect Timing

  1. Joyelle, what a joy it is to experience what God has put in your heart to share with others. I don’t think I get as much out of anything I’ve read in awhile as I do with your writings and poems. I am getting so well fed, thank you! You bring a song to my heart with what you write, I feel we are kindred spirits, we are, because your my sister in Jesus. 🙂


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