Taste and See That Our God is Good


O taste and see that the Lord is good. “Psalms 34:8


Have you ever cooked something for the very first time and found yourself absolutely starving but totally anxious about eating it because you were unsure about how the flavor turned out? I have cooked on many occasions and realized just before the meal that I hadn’t already tasted the entree first – sampling and approving it before serving it to eager bellies. For some reason, I just don’t sample my food while cooking it. I guess the main reason I do this is for fear that it will not taste quite as I had expected it to – and given my personality – throw the whole entire thing away in fear that it will turn out horribly. So, now I’ve discovered that it usually turns out better if I just follow my gut when I’m preparing one of my recipes. I use my family, if need be, to taste-test things along the way, and then I’m able to enjoy the final surprise of each flavor later appreciated by my patient taste-buds. Most of the time, I am pleased with the outcome of my labor, but being the perfectionist that I am, there are also those times that one bite was more than enough. While everyone else happily cleans their plates, I’m stuck analyzing what went wrong with my recipe to make it turn out less than what I had expected.

You know, my life in CHRIST is somewhat like that recipe, except, HE IS THE CHEF. When GOD is cooking you a meal, you don’t worry about sampling the food before digging in. You certainly don’t question THE MASTER CHEF when HE offers you a bite of what HE has been preparing! And unlike the meal I cook that leaves me wanting – each and every bite of what HE serves is satisfying. David nudges us to the kitchen counter in the 34th Psalm. He tantalizes the Believer with the sweet aroma of GOD’S grace and mercy. He dares the Child of GOD to reach out and take a bite from GOD’S plate – a meal that was personally created with our specific taste-buds in mind.

I have tasted and seen how WONDERFUL GOD IS. Though sometimes life offers bittersweet moments – GOD in HIS WONDER and GRACE always finds a way to add HIS special touch to the menu. Yes, GOD IS GOOD! GOD IS always SO GOOD!


I find myself throughout the day,

hungry and thirsty,

most needing to pray.


It’s not that I hadn’t eaten any snacks,

but everything when down

and kept me coming back

for something that might be more filling and tasty,

had I been a little patient

instead of acting hasty….


I might have found my belly full from the start,

but the belly wasn’t the issue

cause I was hungry in my heart.


You see everything that I have tasted in life leaves me still wanting;

you’d think the snacks would get old fast,

but their still just really taunting.


There is always something calling out to me – asking me to catch it –

thinking that if I can satisfy this hunger,

never again will I have to fetch it.


But there’s only one thing I know that satisfies my soul;

there’s only one snack really worth eating

that will always leave you whole.


CHRIST has provided an eternal pantry; HE awaits for me to eat –

everything that HE has prepared is good – O my soul, just wait and see!





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