Whom Can I Trust?


Trust in the Lord with all thy heart; lean not into thine own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5-6


This is one of those trademark VERSES – you know what I’m talking about – those verses that we normally come across and rush past because we have seen it used on every church sign, bulletin, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, kitchen magnets, etc. You can even find those who don’t walk with the Lord, but are still versed in this SCRIPTURE. IT is easy to say; a lot harder to put into practice. When used for preventive meditations – simple. Let my daughter be in the middle of an asthma attack at 2 am on a Saturday morning, despite the fact that we have anointed her with oil and prayed – well, that SCRIPTURE becomes a mystery within ITSELF.

You see, it’s really easy to overlook the small words hidden throughout this VERSE – the ones that actually hide the depth of the intimate message being disclosed…words like “in,” “all,” “own,” “He,” “direct….” These are the ones, I can easily prove, are simply overlooked in the Believer’s response to the SCRIPTURE. Too often, we mess up at the very beginning when we began to put our trust in something else. We look at things through our own understanding. We make a ton of little decisions all day long while we already in this off-course condition. Then, we acknowledge HIM in anger and resentment because we feel abandoned in the forest of life. Consequently, we walk around for years denying, ignoring, secretly hating our VERY CREATOR!

I’ve done it a million times. But at this point in my life, I am beginning to understand that GOD’S WORD IS not only ALIVE, but EVERY WORD of IT – great or small – IS RELEVANT. Deep within the heart of the message of every SCRIPTURE, in fact, is hidden an even more intimate layer of GOD’S REVELATION to us. These are the things that help me transform from being a hearer of the WORD into a spiritual warrior equipped for the mission from MY KING!

Proverbs 3:5-6 says “trust in the Lord.” I must be really honest about this one – with four fingers pointing back at myself – our 2012 culture has conditioned us to trust in everything but GOD! This alone could be an entire different entry. Sticking to the message relevant for now…Do I truly trust GOD? When I don’t get the raise or the promotion I deserve and was promised – in fact, I was just let go? When my husband just walked out on me – the woman on his arm was my best friend? When I have prayed for healing – the symptoms are still there? Do I really trust in GOD with ALL of my heart. ALL, not some, not all part of the time.

Application to the Heart

FATHER, I’ve got to get past all of this first to really even claim that I am trusting YOU! All of my heart is tough, GOD – especially the parts I have reserved for the people that are important in my life. But, this too, GOD, I’m still beginning to be able to do.

But then, I get to “lean not into my own understanding,” OUCH…isn’t that what helped me get this far??? No, ew, I see, GOD – foolish pride. IT is only YOUR HOLY SPIRIT WHO helps me even begin to understand the things YOU have stored for us in YOUR WORD. And too often, rather than letting YOU unfold the message, I run off at the mouth foolishly believing that I have even began to activate THE WORD into my life. I can’t do this on my own, GOD. The situations where I don’t know that answers or can’t even begin to really understand the problems on my own – those situations are easy to trust into YOUR INFINITE WISDOM and wait for YOUR HOLY REVELATION. But those times where I think I know the answer, especially when it is concerning something I really want – those times – I really have a habit of understanding things all by myself. The problem is that my own wisdom can never measure up to THE ALL-KNOWING, OMNIPOTENT, GOD that YOU ARE, and YOUR KNOWLEDGE over creation – since YOU ARE THE CREATOR, GOD, ELOHIM. When I face a choice, any choice, I seek the consultation of YOU first….YOU promise that YOUR direction will be near!


You can find a thousand things these days to lean on for a rest,

but try and depend on any of those things to get you through life’s next test.


A chair can give your legs some time,

a bed your whole body can lay –

but only leaning and resting on GOD

can give you rest and direction throughout the day.


When it comes to gaining understanding,

well, you will find fewer WHO you can trust

to help you deal with temptation, carnality, and lust.

For most people really do not find themselves questioning these things,

they are far more interested in Facebook, clothes, and diamond rings.


But there is a MAN that promised HIS INFINITE WISDOM AND HIS GRACE.

HE promised to direct us through any circumstance we might face.


But we must lean upon HIM, not rest upon ourselves,

or we’ll find that our situation then becomes a place to dwell.


Trusting in CHRIST takes active participation;

seeing HIS WORD come alive, takes our activation.


We must put IT to work when the tests have arrived;

we must depend upon IT for our very own lives.


We must cling to HIS UNDERSTANDING; we must trust in HIS PROTECTION;

we must rely upon HIS AWESOME POWER – and receive HIS LOVING CORRECTION.


There is nothing in this life that should leave us with the question –

that if we gave it to THE CHRIST, HE will have THE BEST SUGGESTION.




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