Looking For Directions?


Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying ‘This is the way; walk in it.’” Isaiah 30:21

Although it is quite difficult with the present technology – there is nothing quite as certain to send you into a panic as getting lost. Thankfully, it’s only happened to me on a few occasions, of which all had one thing in common – each person I asked for direction had something different to say. I can remember, almost in every instance, driving away trying to somehow clump together all that I had been told and make a reasonable and educated choice at very next red light. Too bad those were the days before GPS and Google Maps. Today, you just plug in a basic tag word, address, or general location, and right before your very eyes – pops up your Digital Navigational Genie.

Life is one big road map. Society has been conditioned to believe that we own our own roadways and should be able to determine our own course. Everywhere we turn – choices. We have been taught to like them, and we do; we like them; we depend on them; we take them for granted; we don’t know what to do when they’re taken away. As a whole, we make our decisions quickly and independently. In fact, we resent input, especially when it doesn’t reflect what we truly want. I’d say, we are generations off-course – we are born so far in the direction of self-determination and free-will that most of us are making general life or death choices on a day-to-day basis without even stopping to consider Yahweh’s opinion.

You argue, “no!”


Did you ask HIM about what you should eat today? What about what you watched on television? How about what you wore? Who you had lunch with? What about how you spent your money today? Your time? Talents?

Ah, now you see what I mean. Maybe you ask, “so what’s the big deal?”

For the children of Israel, it was much bigger than they thought. Seemed like just a little idol worship – until they found themselves about to starve to death in Egypt. GOD was at the point, that it was HIS WAY or no way. HE brought them to their knees, hoping they would look up for direction. It wasn’t until the point of hopelessness that they asked and GOD replied – with a still small voice – HE gave HIS reassurance. “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will a voice behind you, saying this is the way; walk in it.”

I believe, GOD sometimes allows us to wander into a wilderness just to get our attention back on HIM. THE VOICE didn’t come from “beside” or “in front of,” but IT was a voice from “behind.” The children of Israel had obviously left GOD behind like we often to with our day-to-day choices. Instead of walking with GOD and recognizing HIS authority in our lives whether going left or right, we make all sorts of turns off HIS path for our lives. Before we know it, we find ourselves lost in the wilderness without a clue how we got so far off-course.

The ALMIGHTY GOD is concerned about every choice we have to make – big ones, little ones, seemingly unimportant ones…Rather than making THE MASTER speak to the backs of our heads, wouldn’t it make more sense to carry HIM with us in our hearts where ever we went? And when we heard HIM saying, “This is the way; walk in it,” we obeyed? It makes more sense to me. No use in having a map, or a compass, or a GPS if you aren’t going to use it. The smartest thing to do us plug in the address before ever setting off on life’s journey.

I’ve heard of many aides to help assist someone when they’re facing decisions –

tossing coins in the air, compasses, and navigational systems.

I’ve heard of going to fortune tellers, even been once or twice,

but none of these aides are dependable when facing the decisions of life.

Unlike the roads we travel, which often lead to the same place,

there is only one direction you can go to see THE SAVIOUR’S face.

Many people get lost in life from making the wrong turns.

Then, instead of going to the opposite direction once the lesson has been learned –

they keep blazing the same old trails, in their ignorance and pride –

failing to see how they’ve listened to the enemy’s foolish lies.

In the middle of indecision, when we don’t know what to do,

GOD has already provided the directions to lead and carry you.

Whether facing choices about your children, spouse, job, or friends,

take it to THE MASTER first to find out just where to begin –

on the journey GOD has chosen, over 2012 years ago –

when HE fashioned each one of all our days all in a row.

I don’t think there’s anything I’d rather depend on when I’m lost,

then an ALMIGHTY DADDY who sent HIS SON to die upon a cross.

Next time I find myself at the crossroads of indecision,

instead of plugging in my GPS maybe I’ll just mention –

the choice I’m facing to MY SAVIOUR, and see what HE has to say,

to get me off in the right direction and lead me in HIS way.

HE has promised to guide me – If I knock, HE will reply –

The most important answer HE has already given when HE sent HIS SON to die.

So how can I assume that, to HIM, any choice I make may be petty and small?

If HE sent HIS SON to help me make one, then didn’t HE send HIM to help me make them all?

When in need of direction, whether to go to the left or to the right,

I’ll pause to hear HIS answer first, whether it be day or night.

Once HE has shone HIS light and the path has been illuminated,

I’ll run so fast in that direction; I won’t have hesitated.

I’ll keep straight on that path that HE has already guided;

I’ll depend upon HIS holy WORD and all that HE has provided.

I’ll take the time to turn off life and listen with all my heart;

and when THE SAVIOUR calls for me, I’ll be sure to do my part!


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