It’s Not in the Hearing of God’s Word That Counts – But in the Doing of God’s Word


Be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only. “ James 1:22


I have set in many classrooms hopelessly staring into the distance, only to realize I had just missed the teacher’s instructions. Desperately embarrassed to raise my hands and ask her to reiterate what she had just spoken, I instead crossed my fingers and hoped that I had gotten the general idea of what she was expecting. I’ve always tried to be a teacher’s pet, of course, this would throw a stumbling block should this have been the one time I was mistaken and didn’t quite complete the assignment as required. Surprisingly enough, I made it through school this way with pretty decent grades and fairly decent relationships with most of my teachers. Was it possible that over a twelve year span, I comprehensively missed some very important instructions?

Isn’t it wonderful that GOD’S WORD; although very much like a classroom, IS always readily available? HE IS never in too much a hurry to recap important instructions – HE even gives us HIS SPIRIT to help Them make sense. But what happens when HE lays out all the details and expectations only to find that HIS students are more interested in the grade?

You know, I have also been the teacher handing out the material I expected my students to master. It meant nothing to me to hear any particular student recite taught information. I was impressed when I saw them put the taught information to practice in whatever situations they were dealing with at the time. This was definitely the evidence that really learning had taken place…not the test grade!

I think ABBA FATHER feels the exact same way about the things we learn about HIM through HIS WORD. James 1:22 says not just to listen to THE WORD and let IT go in one ear and out the other. James commands the Believer to DO what they have read and learned in CHRIST. Oh, that this was as easy as being a student back in high school! Mastering a teacher’s objectives for a test is sometimes so much easier because the questions are laid out in black and white – with only one correct answer…but wait…

Life is the same way when you base it one the black, white, and red font of the WORD OF GOD!


 DADDY, I have found myself again,

taking advantage of YOUR GRACE –

YOUR WILL had slipped my mind again,

and now I’m too ashamed to look upon YOUR FACE.


I realize there was something specific YOU had asked of me,

but instead of following what YOU had instructed,

I only listened to the words – leaving me now only

to feel frustrated and reluctant,


because I know that it means nothing

to just read YOUR WORD than forget

to apply IT when life begins to tempt

and consume me with its tests.


YOUR WORD becomes alive and active

when lived out loud for all the world to see


in someone prone to disobedience like me.


If I let YOUR WORDS just slip out of my ears,

if I forget what THEY truly mean,

than THE WORD just stagnates in my gut –

never transforming what people have seen.


I choose not only to chew upon YOUR WORD,

and meditate on WHAT I read,

but also to perform what IT says,

with every word and deed.


I’ll be a doer of YOUR WORD –

not only will I just listen –

but I will practice everything that I read,

and gain a crown that truly glistens!



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