In God’s Garden – In His Timing


Let us not be weary in doing good, for we will reap in due season, if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9-10

Weed flowers come a dime a dozen. They don’t really need much of anything to take root, and they spread quicker than a wildfire. But a beautiful flower garden is a rare expression of structure, maintenance, planning, discipline, discernment, etc. It does not grow by itself, but it is the product of a continual process of cultivation, sowing, harvest, pruning, cultivation, sowing…Skip any part of this process, and you will find yourself in a weed bed. What is most mysterious about a beautiful flower garden is the transformation that takes place in between seasons – the time period where the ground is bare – pruning has just taken place. Does the gardener sit out for a season? Does he decide to rest and let the bed to what it may – lying dormant? For sure not. No gardener, who truly takes joy in his flower garden, could forsake it in the process of the transformation. Instead, the barren ground is scoped for left behind obstacles to later hoped for life. Then, seed is again planted, watered, groomed…and the process starts over.

Life, and the choices we make, are very much like the weeds and the flower garden. There are only two types of choices – HIS WAY THAT IS GOOD = flower garden or satan’s way that is bad = weeds. It is easy to choose when you spell out the choices like this. However, there are problems in the flower garden too.

You see, in the flower garden of GOD’S WAYS, HIS ACTIONS, HIS DEEDS – things that are full of HIS LOVE and ARE GOOD – there are many, many obstacles to the growth of these seeds HE has planted within each of our hearts. Just like any other flowerbed, there are pests, soil issues, hydration issues, temperature issues, and predators. The same is with the process that is taking place in our lives as GOD transforms us from a forsaken lot of weeds into a beautiful, flagrant, unique, and peaceful flower garden for HIS People and Chosen to enjoy. Life, itself, is the world we live in, relative to where GOD has placed us physically – this is the plot of land where the garden abides. All the things that stand in the way of that piece of land being fertile and abundant with GOD-LIFE, ZOE, are the traps and circumstances of the enemy because he has come to steal, kill, and destroy. Paul tells the Believer, who should already be in the practice of doing good, to stay in that garden and endure even the barren seasons; tend the garden as it needs; stick to it – because sticking with it guarantees the promise that we will get what we have sown. Choose not to plant a seen on barren ground. See what shoots forth in the absence of the good seed. For not too long before one weed breeds a wilderness.

We are in a constant process of sowing and reaping in the garden of life GOD has placed us. Hopefully, that garden is overseen by ABBA. Because the truth is – the laws of the universe never change. GOD said what you sow – you will reap. Certainly uproot, slash-and-burn that which is not good because it is not springing forth from GOD. But if you’re already in the flower garden, stick to it. GOD will bring everything it needs in due season. Just do your part and maintain the garden.



Do not grow weary little heart.

Do not grow tired nor faint.

When doing what’s best for others –

do what Jesus did; be a Saint.


For in due season, you will find

that your endurance wins a prize

because while doing good for others –

you will find you’ve changed their lives.


For in doing good, GOD IS ABLE,

to use our very hands and feet –

to serve, to love, to disciple,

to teach, and to give to everyone we meet.


Along life’s path, you might grow tired.

You might feel beat up and abused,

but remember that’s how JESUS felt

when HE was truly being used.


And like a seed, HIS actions were

planted all across the world.

2012 years later,

still transforming lives of boys and girls.


HE chose to stick beside HIS FATHER,

and endured the seasons as they came –

cultivating miracles –

the dead, the blind, the lame.


Everywhere HE went, HE reaped

the fruit of what HE had done.


HIS LIFE touched everyone.


Still, up on a tree,

HE faced a gruesome and awful death.




HE never grew weary in what HE did,

even when HE took HIS last gasp.

HE just kept on doing good for everyone,

til HIS BODY breathed ITS last breath.

Just when the clouds grew dark,

and the season seemed to wan,


spoke HIM to LIFE again.


For soon enough, in due season,

JESUS reaped the fruit –

leaving salvation available to everyone

who chooses HIS pursuit.


Do not grow weary, little heart,

while doing good you find yourself at odds –

with life, with people, with circumstances –

just keep your eyes fixed on GOD.


Keep doing what HE tells you to.

Stick to what is pure and right.

Do it when it’s easy –

do it especially when it’s a fight.


For some seasons show really difficult –

even the sun, the wind, the rain –

nothing seems to want to help –

we wonder if life will ever come again.


But Galatians six, verses nine and ten,

promises to every Believer,

that if we stick doing what is good,

we will become the receiver


of the promise of an inheritance

beyond what anyone can imagine –

a life with YESHUA,

and full understanding of HIS PASSION


for sticking to doing what is good

and staying in the season where HIS FATHER had HIM planted,

for staying fixed upon HIS FATHER’S WORK,

and on HIS WORD alone always standing.


You see, my dear little one,

the fruit you’ll reap once you’ve endured a season –

will change your life and those around you –

beyond your ability to reason


or fathom to realize

just exactly what you had done

til you stand beside the FATHER

beholding each and everyone

whose lives were changed because they watched

the seasons you had endured –

not growing faint, though tired at times –

still always going forward.


Keep doing good, my little one.

Please do not grow weary…

no matter how difficult this life might get,

no matter how bad or dreary.


For I promise you will reap the seeds that you have planted,

when you find yourself before the KING OF KINGS,

and you will understand it all –

the pain, the hurt, life’s sting…


was all a part of the process

of growing fruit in GOD’S GARDEN

and shedding it upon all the hearts

that the enemy had hardened.




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