How Deep is God’s Love For Us?


I pray that you may know how wide, and long, and high, and deep is the love of CHRIST.” Ephesians 3:18-19

breadth” or “width” – all encompassing

length” – eternal

depth” – JESUS went to the grave

height” – JESUS sits at the FATHER’S right hand

Paul desires for us – complete spiritual maturity and three spiritual gifts:

  1. power to comprehend the incomprehensible dimensions of GOD

  2. to know and be known by the LOVE of CHRIST, which surpasses knowledge

  3. filled with GOD’S FULLNESS


I can’t imagine a love more deep and more profound than the love I have for my daughter. I don’t think a real unselfish bone in my body existed before her – as ashamed as I might be to have to admit it. Since her birth, it seems as if I’ve spent every moment consumed with my desire to show her exactly how much I care about her. When I see her struggle – whether in relationships, health, school – I am hit with an overwhelming sense of helplessness, as I realize that my love for her – as intense as it might be – is not enough to fix her problems or bring her real joy. The older Alexandra gets, the deeper my love grows for her. Understanding the depths of all the mistakes I have made while being her mom, I put myself under a tremendous amount of pressure trying to make sure she believes and understands how much I really love her. I hope my love for her sticks out more than all of my mistakes. I believe it does, but that’s still not enough to radically change her life or cover my mistakes.

But, as I read Ephesians 3, I am comforted by a prayer that Paul prays for the church of Ephesus. Paul was reaching the end of his ministry and realized that the greatest need the church had was for the knowledge of THE ALMIGHTY FATHER’S LOVE for them. Paul understood that only GOD’S LOVE could bring about radical change in the believer’s life, and the prayer for spiritual maturity in Ephesians 3 is one of the most powerful prayers a mother can confess over her children. More important than Alexandra’s confidence in my love for her, is the confidence and completion she finds in CHRIST. The most important thing that she could ever comprehend is the incomprehensible dimensions of her HEAVENLY FATHER because only THIS has the power to radically change her life. For Alexandra to know and be known by THE LOVE of GOD is more important than her ever understanding the love I have for her, because in the knowledge of GOD’S LOVE there is fullness. There is nothing in this world as complete, as encompassing, or as eternal than THE LOVE THE FATHER has for us!

 If you could take a string and stretch it all the way from east to west and back,

to contain a time line of examples of all GOD’S LOVE for me – it would still lack.

It could never have the length enough to contain all MY GOD has done –

no, it could not be long enough to tell the story of HIS SON.

If you could find a gap so wide, you’d need a bridge to cross it –

your bridge could not be long enough for GOD’S LOVE to be exhausted.

Even if that bridge could cross a valley so long and so wide,

that bridge could not cleanse your sin – or from them, help you hide.

If you wrote a tale so long, that it contained the whole story –

the pages would never be enough to tell of all GOD’S GLORY.

For the longest tale could never tell all that MY SAVIOUR’S done for me.

No, I don’t think any tale could as long as HIS LOVE be.

If you found a glass that was deep enough, it would never again be refilled –

it still would not be deep enough to hold the blood my SAVIOUR spilled.

No man-made vessel could contain – not glass or coffee cup –

could hold all HEAVEN has for me when IT is opened up.

There is nothing that can contain all the love MY DADDY has for me.

No, no vessel could be wide, high, long enough or deep!


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